OrganiClean is a professional, fully insured residential cleaning service. We provide a detailed, trustworthy, green cleaning experience leaving your home sparkling.

Equipment and Supplies

OrgnaniClean supplies all organic homemade cleaning equipment and supplies. We utilize only the highest quality equipment such as Miele Vacuums, steam mops, microfiber and Skoy cloths.


Our Cleaning Associates do not smoke, eat or drink while in your home. They do not watch TV, play the radio or any other electronic device. They are there for one reason …to clean your home.


We normally work in teams of 2.  Occasionally our teams include more or less.


Payment is due at the time of the cleaning. Please place your payment (cash or check) in the envelope provided. The Contractor has a prepay plan if you choose to use it, the payment is due on the first day of each month. A credit card or debit card can be used with an additional 3% convenience fee. The Contractor has a no payment/ no clean policy.

Pets and Plants

We are pet friendly but appreciate your help in making sure pets are secured and safe on cleaning days. We should be made aware of any special requirements in safeguarding your pets. Our associates do not clean up pet waste. Due to the individual care that plants require we are not able to maintain them.

Extra Work

Our cleaning teams follow our standard cleaning checklist and also specific instructions on the worksheet customized for your home. Please let us know at least 48 hours in advance for any additional needs. There may be an additional charge for extra work.

Security Alarms

If your home is equipped with an alarm system, please be sure it is in an off or unarmed position prior to our arrival, or we are made aware of the code to disengage it.

Schedule Changes

​In the event that you reschedule, skip, add or cancel your service, we require that you give a 24 hour notice. Without a 24 hour notice you will be charged 20% of your cleaning rate. Once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and turn away other potential clients in order to ensure your appointment. Cancellations must be made with Hillary Thibodeau at (207) 542-5286.

Arrival Window

We make every effort to meet the specific arrival time you need but standard practice is for a 1 hour arrival window to allow for unexpected delays such as an extended time on earlier job.

Satisfaction Guarantee

For regular scheduled customers with ongoing service if our cleaning is not done to your satisfaction please inform us within 24 hours and we will be happy to come back and correct the problem. We  do appreciate all feedback.