Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning’s End

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I used to relish the time I spent wandering the aisles of cleaning products.  It always gave me a feeling of hope.  Hope that these magical solutions would make all the difference in my cleaning rituals, and I would be able to make the surfaces in my home shine like never before.  I would fill my cart with container after container of solutions promising to be the answer to my cleaning prayers.  I would go home and eagerly rub them all over my surfaces, scrubbing polishing, spraying and critiquing.

Then came the disappointment.  Disappointment and the shuffling of said cleaners under the sink with all the past weekends disappointments.  This did not make me stop looking though.  I kept the faith and continued searching the cleaning aisle.

This all continued until I was pregnant with our daughter.  Like many first time mothers, I started questioning everything that I came into contact with.  Everything that I ate and drank, everything that I washed with and everything that I cleaned with.  I started reading about all the chemicals that are in cleaners that I had previously thought were making my home better.  I opened up the trash bin and filled it with Scrubbing Bubbles (my saddest goodbye), Spic and Span, Febreeze in a multitude of aromas, Windex, Simple Green, Clorox wipes and spray and toilet solutions.  While I felt like I was betraying the image of a clean house, I felt as though I had to say goodbye in order to ensure the health of my child to be.

They say for every end there is a new beginning.  I had no idea how much looking for and creating my own cleaners would affect my life, and that eventually a business would form from my new passion.  I purchased organic essential oils, vinegar and Dr. Bronner’s tea tree soap.  I started mixing and trying recipes using these ingredients, and was blown away by the results!!  I had (for very little money) made an all organic, natural, cruelty free cleaner that worked better than dare I say my beloved Scrubbing Bubbles.  I started using vinegar and water for our glass top stove, our mirrors and windows.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The real surprise however was that my husband told me about a cleaner that was all natural, and had been used by people since the 1800’s.  Bon Ami, or “Good Friend” has become my love.  It isn’t available everywhere; I get mine at our local Ace Store, and buy two cases at a time.  It is a powder that is the miracle in a bottle that I had been looking for all those years.  Bon Ami cleans toilets, tubs, showers, eliminates soap scum, hard water spots from glass shower doors, cleans and shines kitchen sinks, and cleans baked on grease from inside ovens.  At only $1.75 a container, I would say you definitely get your money worth!

I had effectively solved the problem of a house full of chemicals.  While eliminating these, I had found a whole new healthy way of cleaning that I found completely satisfying and that I was able to feel good about.  After the birth of our Georgia, I was looking for a new direction to go in professionally.  It was the perfect fit that I share my love for organic and healthful cleaning with others.  People have been delighted with the results of the cleanings, knowing that they are doing better for themselves and everyone in the household.

If you are still reading this, you get a treat!  Below is the recipe of my all purpose cleaner which until now has been top secret.  It smells fresh and clean and works like a charm (Not recommended for granite due to the vinegar).  I hope you enjoy!

OrganiClean All Purpose Cleaner

In a large spray bottle mix the following.  (I prefer glass spray bottles as you know that the chemicals from the plastic wont leach out into your chemical free cleaner.)

10 or so drops of organic lavender oil

10 or so drops of organic orange oil

1.5 Table spoons of Dr. Bronner’s liquid Tea Tree soap

Add warm water until the bottle is a little over 3/4 of the way full.

At this time mix what you have.  It will be milky in appearance.

Add organic white vinegar to top the bottle off.  Shake well.



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