About Us


Owners of OrganiClean Hillary and Wayne Thibodeau both grew up in MidCoast Maine. “We are proud to be the premiere natural and cruelty free residential cleaning service in the area”.

OrganiClean is a fully insured family run business. I started cleaning green in 2009, while pregnant with our daughter. I wanted to control what my unborn child came into contact with as well as my husband and I. The more I researched, the more toxic I found almost all cleaners are, and decided to make my own. I am able to control what is in my home when I know exactly what goes into my cleaning products.  I was so happy with the results, I thought that others could also benefit from my natural cleaning. I have been cleaning ever since, helping others discover a healthier and cleaner home.

In addition to being natural, you will find that working with the staff at OrganiClean is a pleasure.  A background check is performed on all new associates before being hired.  I train each new cleaning associate with a very detailed training program.  I want to make sure that everyone is cleaning the same way in every home.  I have extremely high standards and teach each person who I work with the how to recognize important details that set us apart from other cleaning services.  I also teach each associate to work as efficiently as possible so we are able to get in and out of your house so you have more time to enjoy.

A luxury that comes with working with a professional cleaning service is that we will always be there to clean for you when we are scheduled to do so.  Working with independent cleaning people comes with uncertainty.  Will the cleaning person be sick or will there be a family emergency?  Know that when you are working with OrganiClean we will be there when we are scheduled.

We work efficiently, to leave you and your family with a clean space to enjoy one another in while feeling good about the positive effect you are making on the environment.